Bitbear ears

Chip Fabric

Sound-wise, “Chip Fabric” isn’t very chippy, but with a file size of less than 10 kB, it’s within the limits of what one would consider a “chip tune” back when I produced this as a 15-year old in January 1996. It’s also a very short tune of only 22 seconds, looped.

I remember being quite proud of this one, and the blurb I wrote in the sample text is proof of my over-the-top confidence:

Another chip by PoC. I’m like an industrial Chip Fabric! 5 chips has been produced on my P60 in the last week! I must be special…?(NOT!)

Never mind that while translating the Norwegian word “fabrikk” to English, I was clueless to the fact that “fabric” means “cloth” and not “factory”. I still think the name “Chip Fabric” has a cool sound to it.