Bitbear ears

Bitbear's Legacy Music

Bitbear’s oldschool, legacy music was produced between 1995 and 2000 as tracker modules in software such as ProTracker, Scream Tracker, Fast Tracker II, and Impulse Tracker.


Released Format Title
1996-02-14 MOD Call of the Totem
1996-02-05 MOD Fat Ma's Death
1996-02-04 MOD Final Countdown
1996-02-01 MOD Can't Move That Block
1996-01-28 S3M Stop The Violence!
1996-01-24 MOD Chip Fabric
1996-01-23 MOD Crossed Heart


Released Format Title
1995-12-26 S3M Tiny Chip's Revenge
1995-12-14 MOD The Floot Ride
1995-07-01 S3M First Techno Attempt
1995-06-01 S3M Slow Jazz Symphony
1995-05-01 S3M Bulletproof Jacket
1995-04-01 MOD Psyko Infarnation
1995-03-01 S3M Mortal Silence
1995-02-01 MOD Cool Interpreter
1995-01-01 MOD Bebob Renaissance