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First Techno Attempt

I have no idea when I actually produced “First Techno Attempt” as the date on the file says Tuesday, December 2nd 1997, which must be wrong as by then I had produced a lot of songs that I would have considered to be “techno”.

I believe I started and mostly completed this late in 1995 and finally finished it some time in 1996, where all I did was add the choir intro. That explains signing the song as PoC in the song’s instrument list, because while I created this song originally, I still went by the handle “PCi”.

To best fit with the chronology and development of my music abilities, I therefore date “First Techno Attempt” to Saturday, July 1st 1995 although that isn’t exactly correct.

Regarding the song’s title, please don’t mind that the song isn’t in the “techno” genre by any stretch of the imagination. To me and most of my friends back in the mid 1990’s, “techno” was just a synonym for “electronic music”.

I remember being quite happy about this song back when I produced it, and I quite like it to this day as well.