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The Floot Ride

“The Floote Ride” was one of the the first tracker modules I feel somewhat content with, at least now.

I made it on Thursday, December 14th 1995 when I was still calling myself “PCi”, but made a little change to the loop offset of the flute on Sunday, February 4th 1996 and then published the song under PoC as that was the name I took in late December 1995.

The instrument text describes this as well as a few other stupid things I found it meaningful to write as a 15 year old boy with too much time on his hands:

I know, I know: THIS IS CRAP! But what should I do in my spare time? Sew?!? This is a typical spare-time-problem-song, which I made in about 1,5h 14/12-95, but the final changes was made in 4/2-96, and that was the offsetting of the Flooooote! It said “Click” each time a new tone was played. Not a very good Instrument, but I didn’t make it my self so what do you expect? I kinda’ like the drums though… Greets to the sampler of them! - Whoever that is.

Byebyebyebyebyebyebye for now, Signed: Poc