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Tiny Chip's Revenge

By late 1995 I was mostly tracking in Scream Tracker 3 and this was my first chiptune produced as an S3M.

“Tiny Chip’s Revenge” was produced during Christmas of 1995 for a diskmag called “Ultramag #1”, but I have no idea what happened to it, who was going to make it, or whether it was ever made.

Unreleased as it seemingly were, I entered the 10k chip tune into the Solskogen 2017 Oldskool Music Competition under the name Ferris III Y.O. as a nod of admiration and pull of leg to Ferris only being 3 years old when it was produced. As noted in the file info of the Solskogen entry:

The sole thing I achieve is proving how awesome he is and how lame I am, though. I’m quite certain Ferris could make better music than this when he was 15 years old. So infinite amounts of love and respect to Ferris!

And I still stand firmly by those words. :)